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Named "DJ of the Year" for 2012 in Denver by The Pros agency!

Picking a DJ for your Wedding/Event may be one of the most important decisions you make. How many times have you seen a Mobile DJ and thought "this is SO cheesy" or "I came to see the BRIDE, not the DJ". It happens way too often in this business. Your guests may or may not comment on how the dinner tasted long after the event concludes, but they WILL comment on how much fun they had dancing all night- or how they wanted to leave early because of a terrible DJ...

Ryan prides himself on walking that fine line between Professional and Entertaining. Most of the time he likes to stay invisible, letting the event (and the people hosting it), the setting, and the music speak for itself. But if the party needs it (or the hosts are ready/willing!), he can turn on the "DJ voice", hit the dancefloor, and have a blast out on the floor with your guests!

In addition, the service you get from your DJ PRIOR to the event is almost as important as how they operate DURING the event. Hire a big company, and you frequently won't even get to meet the DJ prior to them showing up! With Ryan, you'll have as much consultation (both electronic and in person) as you need to be sure you can relax and enjoy the big event. Want to meet at the site? No problem. Want to go over that songlist again? Let's do it!

If DJ Ryan Hickey is not available for your event, contact the following for a great DJ!

DJ Jim Hudson

Elite DJ

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