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Awards, Publications & Intellectual Property

Throughout my academic and professional career, I have received 1 granted patent from USPTO, with 56+ patents pending. Additionally, I hold 3 Trade Secrets at GM, one of which earned a Boss Kettering Award. Furthermore, I have authored 3 journal papers covering various aspects of advanced battery technology.

*Please note that information is limited for Trade Secrets due to confidentiality.


  • I am the recipient of the 47th Annual Boss Kettering Award from GM for a Trade Secret utilized in production with the Hummer EV Edition

  • 2x Inventor of the Month Award Recipient from General Motors

  • 2x Merit Awards from Johnson Controls (now Clarios)

Collection of Trophies


  1. Direct Comparison of State-of-Charge and State-of-Energy Metrics for Li-Ion Battery Energy Storage. ECCE 2019 Conference. DOI: 10.1109/ECCE.2019.8912696

  2. Measuring Individual Battery Dimensional Changes for State-of-Charge Estimation using Strain Gauge Sensors. ECCE 2019 Conference. DOI: 10.1109/ECCE.2019.8912578

  3. The effects of O2 pressure on Li–O2 secondary battery discharge capacity and rate capability. Journal of Power Sources. DOI:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2013.12.016


  1. Patent granted titled: "Battery pack thermal management systems and vehicles incorporating the same". Click here to download PDF. 

  2. I currently have 56 patents pending. When made discoverable as part of the application process, they can be found on the USPTO website. I will update this list once the patents have been granted.

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Trade Secrets

  1. Test method and modeling approach to estimate the timing of cell thermal runaway due to thermal exposures. 

  2. Manufacturing method for the controlled application of a liquid adhesive in high-volume manufacturing.

  3. New product design tool for the early-stage development of thermal runaway vent gas management for battery systems.

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